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Vocational Case Management - Vocational Rehabilitation

Vocational Assessments - Vocational Rehabilitation Services

PCM provides vocational case assessments of clients, as part of our comprehensive vocational case management services, once they have reached maximum medical improvement subsequent to filing a Worker’s Compensation claim or Auto No Fault claim through a structured vocational interview, administration of vocational assessments and testing, review of medical and rehabilitation records, and discussion with medical case managers when they are involved with the file.

The initial vocational assessment details the following: current medical status, including current medications; physical capabilities; on-going treatment recommendations; employment history; likes and dislikes of prior employment; psychosocial and family factors; education; learning problems; technical/computer skills; analysis of vocational testing through the administration of the WRAT 4 exam to test and assess academic skills in reading, spelling, sentence comprehension, and arithmetic; transferable skills and employment analysis, potential outcome, observations and analysis of assets and limiting factors affecting client’s employment prospects, and recommendations. Following the Initial Vocational Evaluation with referral source approval, job placement activities are pursued. Status Reports are then prepared monthly to provide updates and documentation to the customer, and to hold the client’s efforts towards the achievement of written goals accountable. Vocational assessment is a very important aspect of an effective, overall vocational rehabilitation plan that PCM specialists are experts in developing.

Job Development, Job Placement Services & Job Coaching-Counseling

PCM’s Vocational Case Management and Rehabilitation Consultants are effective in expediting clients’ successful return to work subsequent to an automobile accident, on the job injury, or disability which may reduce the length of time wage replacement benefits are paid by the insurance carrier. PCM’s job development and job placement services, return to work programs, and job coaching services are outlined in detail below:

  • Provide job-seeking skills training to clients, which includes: interview skills, application completion, managing difficult questions, discussion of disability and applying for jobs, transferable skills identification, local labor markets, and client accountability to participate and seek employment.
  • Provide tools to the client that consist of a Personal Job Search Tracker, Individual Written Vocational Rehabilitation Plan, resume and copies, written job lead notification, cover letters and envelopes, and other written resources to support the job search or rehabilitation plan.
  • Provide job development by telephone and in person to generate employer resources, employer contacts, job leads for clients, and follow up with clients and employers.
  • Meet with clients on a regular basis to evaluate job search efforts, discuss employer contacts and job leads, and for ongoing job search training and evaluation of efforts on the path to return to work.
  • Develop and coordinate high school or GED education, short-term training, or community college programs if appropriate for the client, and supported by the customer.
  • Research small business opportunities and assist with business planning for specific clients who desire this vocational alternative, and whose efforts the customer supports.
Vocational Rehabilitation Plan Development

Rehabilitation Plan Development is by PCM’s Vocational Case Consultants is performed following a vocational evaluation and prior to the beginning of job development or other vocational case management services.

Development of the Individual Written Vocational Rehabilitation Plan outlines the rationale for a selected vocational goal, the specific methods that will be utilized goal, and the responsibilities of the client and consultant towards the accomplishment of each goal.

Labor Market Survey & Analysis

Vocational Consultants performance of a labor market surveys and analysis involves the following:

  • Contacting employers within selected occupational groupings to determine what jobs are available, at what wages, along with the physical requirements of the position.
  • Conducting internet research of local labor markets.
  • Review newspapers, industrial guides, employer directories, and Michigan Works data.
  • Make telephone calls to employers.
  • Ascertain the labor markets which are most accessible to the client, usually within a 25 to 50 mile radius.
On-Site Job Analysis (With Video Options)

Vocational Case Management Consultants and Counselors performance of on-site job analysis (with video options) consists of the following:

  • On-site evaluation at the client work site of the individual’s job.
  • Meeting with employer representatives to discuss the functional job description; determination of essential physical job demands; exploration of the feasibility to modify the job or to identify other more physically appropriate work.
  • Provided by either a medical or vocational case consultant experienced in functional analysis of jobs, and determination of essential physical demands.
  • The existing job and potential alternative or modified jobs can be digitally recorded and presented to the treating physician for review in order to obtain medical clearance for the client to perform the jobs.
Expert Witness Testimony

PCM’s Medical Case Managers, Vocational Consultants, Social Security Application Coordinators, and Home Modification Facilitators have a great deal of experience and many hold Master’s Degrees and special certifications, which make PCM’s Consultants highly qualified to meet your legal needs. Many of PCM’s Consultants have expert court witness experience testifying under oath during depositions and in court.